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When a dispute arises over child custody and visitation arrangements during your divorce or paternity action, the input of an experienced family law attorney can help you reach your goals — and can make a positive difference in your future.

In Pryor, Mayes County and surrounding areas, the family law attorney who uses his 40 years of experience, legal skills and personal service to resolve your child access issues is Paul E. Blevins of Blevins Law Office, Inc.

Blevins Law Office serves individuals, couples and families throughout northeast Oklahoma.

Paul Blevins is someone you can trust to work hard toward a creative, practical, intelligent solution to any family law issue that impacts you and your child.

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Creative, Practical, Intelligent Solutions To Child Custody And Visitation Issues

Paul E. Blevins works with you to calculate availability for shared parenting, formulating a routine that gives structure to your child's life.

If a parental relocation due to remarriage or job transfer warrants a modification to your divorce decree or custody order, he can expedite that revision, or contest a custody or visitation modification that you object to.

We can also assist unmarried parents who want to establish paternity, in order to enjoy custody or visitation rights.

Blevins Law Office can also assist in establishing child support.

Your initial consultation with Pryor child custody lawyer Paul E. Blevins can be scheduled at 918-825-4750 or by email. We welcome the opportunity to serve you in any way we can.