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If you find yourself unable to fulfill child support obligations for any reason — if a child support dispute is delaying your northeast Oklahoma divorce — or if you are a parent seeking to receive child support or collect on past-due child support, the skilled assistance of a family law attorney is essential.

Experienced Pryor family law lawyer Paul Blevins and Blevins Law Office, Inc., arm you with the facts you need about child support calculations supported by statewide income-based guidelines.

If you are a father being accused of failing to pay child support, the skilled assistance of a family law attorney is essential.

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Establishing specific, regular child support payments usually consists of an amount based upon the number of children the parents share and a percentage of the noncustodial parent's income. Paul E. Blevins can help you with your child support calculation and any other facet of child support obligations. He is dedicated to promoting "the best interests of the child" in all support, custody and visitation matters.

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