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The skilled family law attorney who helps you create practical, intelligent solutions to your pressing divorce issues in northeast Oklahoma is Paul E. Blevins of the Blevins Law Office, Inc., in Pryor.

For 40 years, Mr. Blevins has skillfully, successfully assisted individuals, couples and families in Mayes County and throughout northeast Oklahoma to put their legal, financial and emotional crises behind them. Whether your goal is an appropriate level of child support or alimony, a shared parenting plan that is agreeable to all or an equitable division of property and assets, Blevins Law Office is dedicated to your success.

When ownership of significant investments in a marriage is at stake during divorce, such as farm or ranch real estate, or a business in need of valuation, Paul E. Blevins accesses expert investigative resources who crunch the numbers correctly the first time, to determine fair market values, hidden assets or any sign that marital fraud may have been committed.

After your divorce, Blevins Law Office is prepared to assist when a substantial change in lifestyle such as parental relocation or loss of a job requires a modification of a divorce decree, child custody order, visitation order or child support order.

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