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Rogers County/Northeast Oklahoma Marital Fraud Attorney

If you suspect that the spouse you are divorcing is hiding assets or has committed marital fraud, you need skilled family law representation on your side that protects your rights.

In Pryor, Mayes County and across northeast Oklahoma, the experienced divorce lawyer who provides skilled investigative resources for hidden assets, asset search and property division disputes during high net worth divorce is Paul E. Blevins of the Blevins Law Office, Inc.

Blevins Law Office safeguards your interests — and your financial investment in your marriage.

Protecting Your Rights In Cases Of Hidden Assets And Marital Fraud

The legal services provided by Blevins Law Office to uncover hidden assets include:

  • Prompt request and thorough review of all relevant financial records from your spouse
  • Filing of a temporary restraining order to freeze a spouse's spending and misuse of property, and avoid the need to monitor hidden assets in the future
  • In-depth investigation by forensic accountants who audit business records, develop independent and accurate business valuations, and determine whether assets have been unlawfully hidden or liquidated

The hiding of valuable assets typically leaves some form of paper or electronic trail. Blevins Law Office works hard to reveal all assets that are in play, in your high net worth divorce, increasing your chances of a fair property settlement.

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